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Turn Anything Into a Bottle Opener With The BROpener


One thing that I’ve learned from running this beer blog for awhile is people are incredibly innovative when it comes to opening their alcohol. It seems like there is always a new style of bottle opener coming out, showing just how creative people are. The most recent bottle opener I’ve added to my collection is The BROpener. No, it’s not ... Read More »

Contest: Design a Craft Beer Helmet


While thinking of your beer-bonging past may make your inner frat boy/sorority girl shiver now, there was a time when many of us found ourselves on the receiving end of one of these homemade delivery systems. I myself built a 5 foot long one for me and my friend’s “post high-school party pad” which funneled more Olde English 800 through ... Read More »

Seven Brides Brewing: A Tour in Silverton, Oregon


It is difficult to explain the feeling I get when I visit a new brewery. Overall, I feel as though the experience is ineffable; words just can’t provide enough imagery to truly capture the experience, thus failing miserably in accurately conveying to the readers the scope of awesomeness that has taken place. But, if I must analogize for the readers ... Read More »

Canadian Beer Fridge At Olympics Only Opens With a Canadian Passport


As the Olympics are in full swing, every day a new story develops. Whether it’s about the problems at the hotels in Sochi or Bob Costas pink eyes, the media is loving the stories that are coming out of the Olympic games. Out of all the stories so far, my favorite is what Molson is doing for their fellow Canadians. ... Read More »

Alaskan Brewing Co. Hopothermia Double IPA Review

Alaskan Hopothermia Double IPA

As I’m writing this review, a magical dusting of snow is falling around the Portland area while a gentle wind is causing us northwesterners to zip our North Face jackets up tight. Like usual when anything other than rain falls from the sky, the city and surrounding areas go crazy. Schools shut down just at the word snow, cars wreck ... Read More »