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Order San Diego Based Modern Times Beer Online

Modern Times Beer

What’s better than a delivery from FedEx that contains beer? That’s right, a delivery from FedEx that contains amazing beer. Our friends at have added the complete year-round lineup from Modern Times Beer out of San Diego to their website. For those outside of Southern California, you may have not yet heard of the greatness that is Modern Times ... Read More »

B.O.B “Bottle Opener Board” Cutting Board & Bottle Opener


Just when I thought I’d seen someone create a bottle opener on everything imaginable, the guys at B.O.B created what might just be the most unique opener I’ve seen to date. B.O.B stands for Bottle Opener Board. If you’re like me, your first thoughts might be that it just sounds crazy to combine a bottle opener and a cutting board. ... Read More »

Switch Taps Interchangeable Tap Handles and Growler Stoppers


As a homebrewer I’ve often been bored with the boring old tap handles that are available. Don’t get me wrong, there are some pretty cool options out there, just none that excite my creative side. If you have more than one tap, you have a couple of options. You can put a piece of tape on the handle or possibly ... Read More »

NewAir AK-200SS Stainless Steel Kegerator Review


It doesn’t get much better than drinking fresh beer on draft in the comfort of your own home. Something about draft beer makes it just taste better in my opinion. For a true beer fan, having your own kegerator is a must, especially if you’re a homebrewer. Over the past few years, I’ve had my beer fridge in my garage ... Read More »

Turn Anything Into a Bottle Opener With The BROpener


One thing that I’ve learned from running this beer blog for awhile is people are incredibly innovative when it comes to opening their alcohol. It seems like there is always a new style of bottle opener coming out, showing just how creative people are. The most recent bottle opener I’ve added to my collection is The BROpener. No, it’s not ... Read More »